Thursday, May 27, 2010

The time is nearly here...

Ok so first thing the period button does not work on this keyboard Just so you dont think I have terrible tyoing skills which, however could be possible

Its Thursday morning and the reality is that our time here in Peru is quickly coming to a close The days blend together now and its hard to believe how fast the time has gone There is not enough room on this blog and it would take far too long to explain EVERYTHING that God has done Im confident that someone from the team will be sure to fill you in with stories to make you laugh, cry and go WOW at how God works In the meantime,an update on the family...(I had to copy and paste those periods)

We didnt waste anytime when we stepped through the door of this familys home. The team united together in unity and went straight to work. We started sweeping, cleaning out the rooms, washing clothes and dishes,fixing and reparing fences around the house (the only covered rooms are the bedrooms, everything else is exposed)and even gave the 2 year old boy a bath his firth bath in a long time, possibly ever. If you werent sure what to do, you found something to do! The unity of the team to take root of the word "servants heart" was powerful There was a reason He choose every member on this team. God has gone before us and new the type of servants that were going to be needed that day. The hardest part to shake (Ill speak for myself as I hope to get some individual reactions up before we leave)was the thought of what happens when we leave. In all honesty, we only brought "temporary" relief and a "band-aid" over a bleeding wound. After we spent some time with this family, we realized a harsh reality that their poverty has led them to be unmotivated to do anything. Its clear that poverty brings stress, struggle, mental and pschological challenges however if they dont get motivated...a week from now it will look like it did before we went in on Tuesday. That may seem mean and even, can I say "negative," but its the truth. Which is why we are going back tomorrow morning one last time. One more time to encourage, motivate and challenge them all (the grandmother, mother and 13year old son) with the gospel. The rest we leave in the hope of our God that He will work once we our gone in response to the prayers of both GCMF and you.

We had a great time at the primary and secondary school yesterday, where God used the testimony of one of our team members, to reach a 16 year old girl. PRAISE GOD!! They will be meeting again tomorrow afternoon. Pray that BreAuna, would be able to continue to pour into this young teen. We are told, by the local believers, that reaching the young people is the best way to start making a change here in Aplao. The Catholic religion is taught in the schools, so if we can reach them, by being messangers of the gospel and give them the Truth named Jesus Christ, we pray that God will do the rest. We have another oppurtunity in a school of 200 kids,whose familys apparently live on a "lower" income, to bring the gospel. Pray that through our example they would see the light of Christ and a hope in difficult times.

As we begin to end our last week we are still astonished at how many people we are making contacts with. Our desire is to get these contacts into the hands of the believers that we have met, Alvaro and RosaMarie,(the ones who lead the bible study) so that they can continue contacts once we leave. As well as for any future teams that may find themselves in Aplao, Peru. appears the "period" button works now. :)

I do plan to share with you again before we depart,like Saturday afternoon, so until then...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Unique Oppurtunity

So by this time next Sunday, God will have us on our way home to Peru. Until that time where we look back on what God has done, we will continue to praise Him for what He is doing. Its been a rather unique blessing that God has given to us these past few days.

So for the past couple of days a few members of the team have been in and out of the hospital. DONT WORRY...nothing serious!! Basically here the doctors, dentist etc are all located in the hospital. So our visits have been for some sore stomachs and headaches and cream for the large amounts of bug bites. While some of our team would be bed ridden for a day, God has been working through the nursed and doctors within the hospital. They practically expect us to come in everyday! :) We have developed some unique relationships that we are looking forward to pursuing. In Gods sovereignty its all working and He has provided, what we all consider a rare oppurtunity.

One of the nurses travels twice a day to provide medicine to a family that has been diagnosed with TB. This family is BEYOND poor! They all sleep in one bed, the two younger children are suffering from malnutrition and sickness (the cause of the TB the nurse says) and poor health/living conditions. The older was not there when we arrived, so we are unsure of how well he is dong. They have not washed in weeks and maybe months. They recieve no doctor care outside of the treatment for the TB. The two younger children cant go to school and the mother makes little to NO money. There are flies/bugs EVERYWHERE! (You start to appreciate the less of it we have in the states and reminds you of the Plagues that God brought to Egypt.) The grandmother, cried at the moment we walked into the home. She was overwhelmed to think that people would come and visit the family. Especially, WEALTHY Americans such as us. I dont think its possible to paint a picture for you, nor even put feelings and emotions into words, but the term used is EXTREME poverity.

So its without coincidence that God has brought us into the lives of this family. We cant help but have our hearts broken for them and the need to have hope in a Savior named Jesus Christ. Its clear that, outside of the hope in Christ, they have NOTHING! So this Tuesday, we are going back. We are going back with a great desire to give them hope. We are going to bring back for them blankets, clothes, food anything we can to help them. We are even going to buy some shampoo and soap and offer to bath the two younger children. Please keep this family in your prayers! Its a remarkable oppurtunity and for many of us perhaps a once in a lifetime to bring care, love and compassion to those who are in desperate need.
"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me...And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to Me.’"--Matthew 25:37-40

We are looking forward to this afternoon and the fellowship that we will have with Rosa Marie, Alvaro and others at the Bible study over lunch in her home. Just before we do that, an oppurtunity (as I type) has arisen. There is a stage set up on the corner of the street thats apparently used for a local celebration today. We have been invited to present something from that stage. May the gospel of Jesus Christ be preached and nothing less.

As I close, continue to pray for the boldness of our team and strength within our unity to serve the Lord together. Pray for them all individually as well that God would meet there specific needs, desires and passions of the heart. As for me, Tim, I ask for boldness to speak the truth this afternoon at the Bible study. I have been asked to speak there and I want nothing less than for me to decrease and Christ to increase.
I almost forgot...Mrs Janet, our librarian arrives today around noon. :) We cant wait for here addition to the team.

Until we meet again..
"ive Thanks to the Lord, for He Is Good
Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!"